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My Father’s Battle
by Vicki E. Hartman
Part biography, part war-story, part message of hope, this book is a vivid, timely reminder of the cost of war shouldered by veterans and their families. The true story of fifteen year old Ken Rowland who gets caught up in the adventure of WWII. He comes home at age twenty-one a changed man hoping to leave the nightmares behind. Years later his daughter is haunted by his silent witness to war. She learns the truth of what it is that stalks her father’s dreams when they return together to the battlegrounds of Europe. A healing journey that will stir your heart as “Roly” comes to terms with a past he could not leave behind.

“Ken Rowland shares the brutal reality of soldering in the Second World War. As retold by his daughter, Ken shares the camaraderie, the senselessness, the victory and the anguish of war. A worthy read for the students of Canadian military history.”
Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Cairns
Former Commanding Officer
The Lincoln and Welland Regiment
Chairman – The Lincoln and Welland Regiment Museum

Paperback available at   for $18.10 or Kindle Edition Subscribers read for free.

Recommended by Eric Lane, President, Tobermory Legion Branch 290

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